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For All the World to See

Talking to children about racial inequality can be quite challenging.  Since racism is learned behavior children often have a hard time grasping why any individual would or should  be treated unfairly.  For All the Word to See gives just a […]

I just read one of the best articles about having frank discussions about race with children.  Why should children grow up feeling uncomfortable about differences?  Teach them to celebrate differences.  Celebrating those differences will help them appreciate diversity. Read and enjoy! https://www.scarymommy.com/screw-kids-understanding-race/

Multicultural Learning Resources

Our children primarily take their cues about ethnicities, cultures and religions from us.  That is why it is imperative that we celebrate diversity and have a blast teaching and learning about others with our children.  None of us should need […]

Suggested Reading for New Homeschoolers

Taking the dive into homeschool can be overwhelming.  The following is a list of suggested reading from seasoned educators and homeschoolers to help you along the way.  

Learning to Embrace Teachable Moments

Many new homeschoolers are often driven to stick to rigid school hours.  Admittedly, when our family began, that was exactly what we believed we needed to do.  It took some time, observation, and the sound advice of some seasoned homeschoolers […]

Seven Tips for Homeschool Success

With the right kind of help any parent that really wants to homeschool their child can be successful with this endeavor.  To determine what is correct for your child and your family read through our seven homeschooling tips for success. […]

Embracing Diversity through Books

Many of those that oppose and/or simply do not support homeschooling claim that socialization is a major issue.  They make this claim on the basis that they believe  that homeschooled children will be ill prepared to communicate with others, especially […]

Choosing Curricula

If you are new to homeschooling, finding the perfect learning plan for your child can be a challenge.  Traditionally, the vast majority of public and private schools use formal curriculum for each student and you may mistakenly believe you must […]
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