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Work at Home (WAH) Jobs

Many moms have asked about work-at-home (WAH) jobs over the past several months.  Listed below are several reputable companies who hire either seasonally, part or full time workers from home.  Please read the job qualifications before applying to any position. […]

Election Resources

Election 2016: Lesson Plans, Resources, and Primary Sources Educator Larry Ferlazzo has a wonderful edublog where he has compiled a helpful lists of resources to help navigate through the this election cycle and have an abundance of resources at your […]

National School Choice Week 2016

National School Choice Week 2016 (Jan 24-30), is poised to be the world’s largest-ever celebration in education and Kingdom Colors Home Education Community is joining the party.  We’ve got some great swag for you to help us celebrate too! Held every January, the goal […]

Children’s Museum Membership

]It is with great pleasure that I present to you an exciting opportunity for the Kingdom Colors Home Education Community.  We have partnered with The Children’s Museum of Wilmington to offer an exclusive weekday membership for $60!    The Weekday […]
Happy New Year!  Last year we had many exciting changes.  Lets take a brief walk down memory lane, shall we?

  • We added a huge number of new families and we are thrilled.
  • We updated our official name to Kingdom Colors Home Education Community. We recognize that home educators and their families come in all shapes and sizes and we wanted to ensure our was indicative of our stance.
  • We forged partnerships with some wonderful community organizations (stay tuned for more details about those).
  • We launched our new website and forum!
  • Those are just a few of the exciting things we accomplished as a community.  We couldn't have done it without you!  Thank you for your continual words of encouragement and participation.  We look forward to another year of firsts.  #happyhomeschooling cropped-kclogo.jpg

    Computer Science Education Week 2015

    Learning how a computer works and understanding how to solve problems with computers are foundational skills for kids, like learning biology or other core subjects. The increasing importance of technology means that tomorrow’s leaders will need a strong understanding of […]

    Cutting the Cost of Higher Education

    Lets face it–these days a college education is expensive.  Many parents are still paying off their own student loans while helping their children prepare for college.  Larger families, families with children close in age, and lower income families feel the […]

    For All the World to See

    Talking to children about racial inequality can be quite challenging.  Since racism is learned behavior children often have a hard time grasping why any individual would or should  be treated unfairly.  For All the Word to See gives just a […]

    I just read one of the best articles about having frank discussions about race with children.  Why should children grow up feeling uncomfortable about differences?  Teach them to celebrate differences.  Celebrating those differences will help them appreciate diversity. Read and enjoy! https://www.scarymommy.com/screw-kids-understanding-race/

    Multicultural Learning Resources

    Our children primarily take their cues about ethnicities, cultures and religions from us.  That is why it is imperative that we celebrate diversity and have a blast teaching and learning about others with our children.  None of us should need […]
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